Because so many of our families live a considerable distance from the clinic, we now offer a 10 session online version of our parenting classes. 

Based on the award winning book, Parenting Children with ADHD: 10 Lessons that Medicine Cannot teach, Dr. Monastra leads parents through a parenting program that helps them understand the medical causes of ADHD, the educational rights of children with ADHD, effective strategies that motivate children when takeaways and giveaways fail, build confidence, teach emotional control, problem solving skills, and organizational strategies.

Just like at our clinic, Dr. Monastra will teach each lesson, guide parents in "practicing" new techniques, and provide "homework" assignments to establish new skills at home. Although the online class is conducted "live" on Thursday's at 1:00 PM, EST, each class is recorded so that parents can view the class at their convenience. To register visit our website store or contact us at 607-785-0400 or at for more information 
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