Just because a child, teen or adult has at least six symptoms of inattention with or without six symptoms of hyperactivity/impulsivity does not mean that they have ADHD.

At our clinic, approximately 33% of our patients have undiagnosed Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency, which can cause significant attention and mood problems

Hardly any of our teen or college-aged patients eat sufficient protein at breakfast to sustain attention (20 grams according to USDA recommendations). In addition, most sleep fewer than 7 hours per night and nearly half of our college aged students experience alcohol intoxication at least once per week. Establishment of healthy dietary and sleep habits and elimination of intoxication on a weekly basis has led to improved attention in such students.

Other medical conditions that combined are found in approximately 10% of our patients include: sleep apnea, anemia, deficiencies of zinc and magnesium, food allergies (eggs, corn, wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts, and dyes/preservatives), Celiac disease, hormonal deficiencies, thyroid disorders, blood sugar problems, Lyme Disease and concussions.
Because other medical conditions can and do cause chronic symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, we do not recommend that any child, teen or adult be diagnosed or treated for ADHD without comprehensive medical evaluation that includes hematological studies. 
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