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When I first became a clinical psychologist, I was at a loss to explain to parents why their best efforts to help their child sit still, listen, follow directions, get their homework done, and succeed at school were failing.  Our tools for diagnosing these problems were limited to clinical interviews and rating scales, which often yielded very different opinions depending on who you asked about the child's problems. We also found that traditional reward and punishment approaches had little impact and the use of medication failed to successfully treat symptoms in about 30-40% of the patients we evaluated.
For the past two decades, I, and other clinical researchers have dedicated our efforts to learning about the multiple causes of symptoms of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. Fortunately, we now have much better procedures for evaluating children, teens and adults who have "Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder". As a result, we can now develop individualized, comprehensive, effective treatment plans for our patients. I invite you to learn about our approach to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, and hear what our colleagues are saying about our integrative treatment model
Did you know....
That a person does NOT have to show symptoms of hyperactivity or impulsivity to be diagnosed with ADHD. It's called ADHD: Predominately Inattentive Presentation and is one of the three subtypes of ADHD.