Get Focused Radio Show

With Dr. Vince Monastra & Donna Monastra

As a psychologist, I am deeply committed to helping each of my patients become better able to pay attention, concentrate and complete important tasks at home, school and work. However, as a Christian psychologist, I am equally committed to help them focus on what really matters. So, in 2012, my wife and treasured collaborator, Donna, along with a talented technical support team led by John Carter, launched a radio program, called “Get Focused!”.
We began developing radio programs intended to help our audience “focus” and reflect on how to improve the quality of their lives. We incorporated a perspective that drew from knowledge that came from the fields of medicine, nutrition, psychology, education, and our experience of God. Each program shares a perspective intended to help us pause, think about some of the causes of our distraction and distress, and develop a truly integrative approach for moving forward.

Here’s a list of some of our programs:

  • What if You had One Hour Left with Your Children?
  • The Ministry of Parenting
  • The Unwelcomed Child
  • The Stolen Life
  • Still Waiting for That Apology?

Interested in listening to one of our archived programs?

These programs and others can be heard on our website:

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